Welcome to Arbella SoundSport

It’s time to get serious!

With only 6 months to go before our SoundSport performance in Allentown, we need to confirm everybody’s commitment and start ordering the things we need for our performance.

What will we need?

  • Uniform (still deciding if we should be casual or more drum-corpsy)
  • Rooms at Allentown.  (I have reserved into suites to help save money.  Each suite can fit 6-8 people, so if we have 16 people by then it will be very affordable)
  • Tickets for both DCI East Shows.  Because we are performing, we get them at 50% off.
  • Travel expenses.  We are hoping to get a 16 passenger van for free, but we have to pay tolls, gas, etc.
  • Music licensing fees.  We need to pay for the scores we are performing (not sure what that will be yet, if anything)

So obviously this means money.  The easiest thing to do is have everyone pay $50 a month up until the trip.  That should be enough to cover most of these costs and give us the money we need for deposits for things.

Other things

  • Would you like to have an Arbella team jacket/track suit or tshirt?  Track pants are $47 + 4 for personalization, and bottoms are  $28.  Tshirts are $15.  It would be nice if we walked around Allentown in matching tshirts (it will be too hot for jackets, although you DO see the die hard drum corps alumni sporting their heavy corps jackets)

Could everyone please bring a check made out to Arbella Corps for $50 to the next rehearsal.