The Arbella Alumni Committee presents an evening of DRUM CORPS TRIVIA

The Arbella Alumni Committee presents an evening of DRUM CORPS TRIVIA

The Arbella Alumni Committee is proud to present our first-ever


to help raise money to offset the cost of our huge 40th Reunion and Celebration next May.

The Celebration is going to be like none other, so to help keep ticket prices down, the committee is going to organize a few fundraisers in the run up to the event.

This first event was suggested by George D’Iorio, who has compiled a pile of drum corps trivia that spans many decades so there is something for everyone, no matter when you marched.  And it’s not ALLL drum corps, there will be general knowledge questions as well.

Assisting George in curating and MCing the event, is drum corps alumna Art Kellerman who currently plays soprano in the Boston Crusaders Senior Corps.  It’s going to be a fun night with George and Art at the helm!

Also assisting in the celebration efforts are Cardinal’s Alumna Phil Dennesen.  Phil is spearheading the Tribute Corps which will be performing at the Celebration.  The Corps will be playing music from the Arbella All-Girl Era of Drum Corps – so you will get to hear EVERGREEN once again – LIVE!  The Tribute Corps is going to feature Alumni of Arbella, the Rockettes, Comets – and represents MANY drum corps from across the country!  We are also encourage Alumni who haven’t played since their days in corps to join us for rehearsals, special help will be given to those who want to be a part of the festivites.

Please join us on October 27th for this spectacular event!  Don’t worry, if the Sox are in the World Series, we’ll find a way to stream it so you won’t miss a single thing!

Form your team of drum corps nuts and trivia junkies and get your tickets today!  Follow the link below for tickets!


DRUM CORPS TRIVIA NIGHT – October 27, 2018

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