Support Arbella Every Time You Shop Online

That’s right, you can simply shop online as you normally do – and support Arbella.  It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Click this link and join  This link should automatically find Arbella in the Cause list, if not, scroll down and select it.
  2. Install the little iGive seed button – it will then appear in your browser, in the upper right area of the navigator bar.
  3. Shop!
There are thousands of popular stores enrolled in iGive, such as Staples, Barnes & Nobles,, Walgreens, etc.  A comprehensive list can be found here.  Each store not only donates money to an iGive cause, but there are special offers and coupons available to iGive shoppers – so you can even SAVE money!  It’s a win-win for everyone.

You can use the seed button to bookmark your favorite stores, but you dont have to.  When you land on a store that is enrolled in the iGive program you will see the iGive ON icon at the bottom of your screen and you will be certain your purchase will help the Corps!  So it’s effortless on your part. If you click on iGive ON icon, it will even tell you what percentage of your purchase will be going to support Arbella.  Once this is activiated, that’s all you simply need to do.  It is really so easy to do, and it will really help us!   You can log into your iGive account any time to see how much you’ve helped Arbella – allow 30 days for transactions to appear there.  Some stores like Amazon will track gifting by the Cause, not by your individual account, but your purchases WILL be tracked.  Read all about it when you set up your iGift account.

*Some sites, such as Barnes and Noble, will require that you confirm your iGive purchase.  You will see a message bar at the top of your screen with this icon:

iGive Quick Button Facts

    • Easy to install and uninstall browser add-on / extension for PCs and Macs
    • No pop ups, ads, toolbars, special search engine, or unwanted emails
    • No sharing your email or other information
    • The average iGive shopper raises over $50 a year with the iGive Button
    • Always Free – the stores pay
    • At least $5 will be earned for Arbella Drum & Bugle Corps, even if you don’t shop. All you need to do is keep the Button installed through 10/9/12.

Imagine if just our alumni alone installed this button!  So be sure to tell your friends, family – anyone who loves drum corps or ever marched – to install it on their computer too.  It really will make all the difference!  Thank you!!