Arbella SoundSport 2019

Arbella Corps is excited to announce Arbella SoundSport, a performing arts ensemble for the 2019 season.

Arbella Corps announces its membership to DCI SoundSport

What is Soundsport?

Arbella Soundsport is an all-age music ensemble that will feature brass and percussion instrumentation with the goal to perform on the DCI Soundstage.  Our members will range from high school and college age up to drum corps alumni.  It is an excellent opportunity for anyone who just loves to play, anyone who loves marching band but wants to take it to the next level, college kids who miss marching band, anyone who is interested in drum corps but doesn’t have the time or money to participate, or for alumni to just “get it back”.  Arbella will offer members the opportunity to touch all of these buttons in a family-friendly environment but with the goal towards excellence and a performance at DCI East 2019 in Allentown PA.


In DCI’s own words: “SoundSport is a league of Drum Corps International (DCI) that takes the excitement and challenge of the drum corps activity and places it into a smaller performance footprint, has fewer restrictions, and simplified adjudication. SoundSport teams can focus on skills and performance development in a fan-friendly environment, giving the member an excellent experience and learning environment.”


The time and financial commitment of Soundsport are much lower, so it is the perfect way to relive drum corps for the alumni, get a taste of the drum corps experience for newbies, or better prepare yourself for the fall marching band season.


Arbella Soundsport will focus on skills and performance development for members ages 15 and older, and will develop a 7-8 minute show that will be produced in a time-efficient rehearsal process.


Intermediate skills a minimum requirement – given our infrequent practice schedule, we cannot teach people how to read music or play, we will be focusing on building on your existing skillset.  Members may need to provide their own instruments depending on demand. We do have some percussion, mellophones, baris and contras available.  Yes, TROMBONES are welcome!

We do have a few requirements:

  • You must be willing to practice on your own as rehearsals will be light. Sectionals are encouraged amongst members.
  • You must commit to attending all rehearsals as there will be few organized rehearsals. *
  • You must commit to attending performing at DCI East in Allentown (the first weekend of August). (usually leaving early morning on the Friday, leaving Sunday after breakfast).
  • You must be committed to AWESOME.  Positive attitudes need only reply!


The costs of being a member of Arbella Soundsport are pretty low! Here’s the breakdown:

  • Each member will need to pay a $50.00 fee upon joining to participate in Soundsport.  This fee offsets our annual membership and competition fees to DCI.
  • Each member will be responsible for his or her own uniform. We are looking into light-weight, low-cost uniforms for our performances.  Cost will be the first factor, but we will come up with a few options and take a poll at a practice in the new year as to which uniform the group prefers and go from there.
  • Each member will be responsible for paying for the cost of travel to Allentown for the competition.  Closer to the time of travel, we will block off some rooms and get costs of a van and maybe we can go in together, share rooms, etc to keep the costs down as much as possible.


Other things:

  • We will be based out of Arbella HQ (Lauren’s studio) for the time being for practices but might need to move if a business moves in downstairs.  In summer we will find a suitable outdoor venue.
  • We will not be doing a “field show” – it will be mostly stand-still with some choreographed visuals.
  • Please get a music stand.  Always bring stand and pencils water to practice.
  • Based on a poll, Sunday mornings seemed to be the best time for people to get together.  We are thinking first Sunday of each month from 9-1, with a few extra practices thrown in closer to performances for those who can make those.
  • We appreciate many will be members of other alumni group who also practice on Sundays and understand you might need to leave early for these.
  • We know a few alumni who live in other states have expressed interest and would be able to practice at home – so long as we can all get together closer to competition time, that’s fine with me!

We hope you will join us!  Sign up below to be added to our email list for updates.





    Get to rehearsals 15-20 minutes late to set up your stand/music, oil valves, run warm air through horn and be READY to start ON TIME.

    If you want to socialize, print music etc, come even earlier!

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