NEW Arbella t-shirt now available!

NEW Arbella t-Shirt-whtAt our Open House in January 2012, Dick Pelletier was perusing our baseball caps which had both the old and new logos.  I thought for sure he would chose the old logo, so imagine my surprise when he said how much he loved the old logo and the memories it evoked – “but it’s time to look forward” – and he got the new one.

Changing the logo was no small matter.  The sense of nostalgia and pride one feels when one sees the old logo runs very deep.  When we are at events and run into people who remember Arbella, they all have very fond memories of a classy but very young, all-girl organization.  Almost no-one remembers the co-ed Arbella of the 80’s.

It is important that moving forward, Arbella differentiates itself from it’s past, whilst maintaining the quality and class that it was always known for.  The new logo hopes to capture that as well by tipping its hat to old Arbella, but with a creative and modern flair.

Whether you are an Arbella Alumni or a new member or supporter, we hope you wear your shirt with pride!

“Sink ’em Arbella!”