Scholarship Opportunity for Seniors

Scholarship Opportunity for Seniors

We were recently approached by a law firm in California to share this scholarship opportunity with our seniors.  I wasn’t at first convinced, so I reached out to verify that there were no catches and apparently there aren’t, which was very nice to hear.  Attorney Purcell is looking to help a deserving kid achieve their dream of going to college.  Could it be you?

Here’s his original letter, followed by a link to the site.



Thank you in advance for taking a moment to read my email. My Name is Chris Purcell. I’m a licensed practicing attorney. I’m writing you because my law firm is offering a scholarship opportunity that I thought you would like to add to your website. Here’s a link to the page. The scholarship info is listed near the bottom of my home page. You won’t miss it.

After having read through your website and seeing what you post for your visitors, I thought you would appreciate having a new and valuable link to add to one of your pages.

Since the scholarship is open to a wide range of applicants many of your visitors would very likely want to participate. Is there a specific person there who I could work with to add a link to one of your webpages so that your visitors can click to learn more? The award is $500 and we issue it a couple time a year. I’d love for you to participate!!

If you’re not the right person can you please help me get to the right person?

Thanks kindly,

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