Observations from Allen’s Corner-8/18/2013

Observations from Allen’s Corner-8/18/2013

Sometimes I get so carried away with the details of arranging and teaching our music that I forget to take a step back and evaluate where we are.  I can be a real nerd that way.  So here’s some type lice about our current position:

A few weeks ago we spent 3 sweaty hours inside at our first brass rehearsal with two players and a handful of caramels.  Neither player had played in an organized setting for many years and the ring rust was apparent.  I had not experienced ground shaking nightmares since I was a small child and I wasn’t eager to get home that night and go to sleep.

A few weeks later we are up to 7 active brass players with:

  • a huge amount of technical improvements under our belt
  • a successful exhibition
  • and many new friends and fans (along with their pets) from our practices at the Salem Common

Most new Brass lines go from mistake to mistake until they sort of “clean things up”.  That’s not what we’ve been doing.  Thanks to great individual and collective efforts from our membership, we are progressing from plateau to plateau.  In fact, at today’s warm-ups, we were able to achieve very good tone centering, intonation, pitch, duration, and timbre control right from the start.  These are things that many ensembles don’t understand for a long time.

We also completed half of a new piece of music at today’s practice.  This is a great achievement for the short time that we have been together.

Also, I know that this column is targeted for the brass ensemble but allow me to make a quick observation about our guard.  I had the opportunity to watch them at practice and during an exhibition and came away very much impressed with their level of achievement. The work put in is really starting to show.  Congratulations!

PS: at Fort Sewell, I know that the tempo of the music was not the tempo that the guard expected but it was handled very well and professionally.  Thank you.

Future columns will not always be as rosy as this one.  I might comment on things to be improved or changed but for now I honestly couldn’t be happier with where we are and you should all be proud of what we have accomplished.

Don’t forget, Being able to dream of exciting possibilities is one of the things that help make us successful in our endeavors.  This is especially true in the visual and musical arts.  It’s an exciting Journey.

We are on our way.



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