Allentown Prep

Here’s some info on our 2018 Trip to Allentown


None of this is set in stone yet, but generally this is how the trip will go:



  • 7am depart Danvers (we are looking to go together in a 16 passenger van)
  • 1pm-ish – arrive Allentown PA
  • Lunch
  • Check into hotel:  Staybridge Suites, Allentown PA
  • Practice
  • Hopefully get to see some corps practicing
  • Dinner (we can eat at show in order to get in more corps-watching)
  • 6pm – 11pm: evening 1 of DCI East
  • 11pm back to hotel


  • 8am breakfast @ hotel (hotel next door has a great cheap breakfast, and 4 breakfasts are included in our hotel booking)
  • Figure out where top 3 corps are practicing and watch til lunch
  • Practice/Run-throughs/Tailgate (my goal is to try to set up some sort of buffet lunch in parking lot where we can eat, then dress and warmup.  awaiting advice from DCI)
  • SoundSport is at approx 4pm, timetable still to be determined.
  • 6pm -11pm: evening 2 of DCI East
  • 11pm back to hotel


  • 9am checkout
  • Breakfast at local diner where all the drum corps nuts eat before they hit the road
  • Usually home around by 4 or 5 depending on weekend traffic.



Still to be determined.  We are trying to get a large van so we can all go together.  Please remember to pay the one-time SoundSport membership fee online or in person.  This goes to offset our DCI entrance fees, insurance and music licensing costs.

  • Members will need to pay for their own uniform. shirt, white pants, blue canvas Sperries, links below
  • Suites can fit up to 8 per room, so plenty of room to share costs
  • Hoping to get a van donated, so travel costs are just gas and tolls
  • You will need to bring your own spending money.  Lots of fun swag to buy at show, make sure you have some fun money!




Everyone : Sperry Navy Blue Canvas.  There are lots of versions of this shoe!  And the mens and womens aren’t quite the same.  If these versions aren’t available, then find the closest version to it, in the darker navy, not the faded fabric.






These pants in WHITE:





Navy Arbella Golf shirts.