Member Dues and Fundraising for 2013-14

There are no dues for the 2013-14 Season!*

*We do however expect Members participate in fundraising as there are real costs associated with running any organization such as equipment, insurance, etc.  The Board is always actively soliciting donations from institutions, grants, alumni, benefactors, and other sources, but it takes all hands on deck to really keep our ship afloat.

We have eliminated a custom uniform for the first few years to help keep costs down.  We will have more information on uniforms for the 2014 shortly.

We will keep fundraising to a few, but effective,events but we will require everybody’s participation in order for our organization to be successful.  They will run quarterly and will include, but are not limited to:


  • iGive.  Every member will be required to install, and encourage friends and supporters to as well,  a little application called iGive.  This is an effortless and seamless way for The Corps to raise money.  Simply installing this little app to yourcomputer will give the corps $5 a person!  You do not have to spend any extra money in order to help raise money.  Simply shopping online, as you normally do, will go through iGive  invisibly to the user, and Arbella will get a portion of the sale.  (it’s like an affiliate program, in this case Arbella is the recipient of the proceeds).  When everyone installs this application, we could generate enough for a drum, or a horn, or get the color guard silks – that’s how effective it is!  And it costs you and our supporters NOTHING.  Click HERE for instructions.
  • CASINO NIGHT!  We are looking to organize a major event in August – details to follow.  Members will be required to sell tickets to the event and solicit their favorite businesses for donations for the auctions/raffles.
  • Gift Certificate Raffle.  Members will be required to help solicit donations of $50 gift certificates from local restaurants and sell a minimum 10 raffle tickets at $10 each. The winner of the raffle will receive ALL of the gift certificates!  It is an awesome fundraiser, people love it, and it’s an easy sell for the Member.
  • Other fundraisers such as DINNER DEALER and the CARAMEL fundraiser will be introduced

All members will be required to sell a certain amount each time.  This will be outlined at each fundraising announcement.

We also ask members to actively participate in The Corps Social Media activities.  We all know the power of social media, and the Corps is going to rely heavily on it in order to get the word out about us.  We ask that you help share events and notices as we post them, use your social media channels to gather interest and donations, and please, tweet, retweet, tag and hashtag away!

Your help is crucial, and we appreciate all of your efforts!