Look for Arbella in this week’s Police Log! lol

Look for Arbella in this week’s Police Log! lol

I wish I had thought to ask the officer for a photo, but this weekend at Salem Common a police car slowed down to watch our rehearsal.   Now, we have been practicing at the Common since the beginning of June, and the neighbors have actually been delighted.  They stop to chat to us, thank us, enquire as to what we are all about, introduce us to their pets, tourists on the trolley buses wave and cheer – we have been having alot of fun!  But this week apparently a resident on the other side of the Common called to complain.  On the positive side, we were projecting a half mile distance –  Allen’s breathing exercises are working!  Hoorah!  We told the officer we had met with the Mayor about this and she was very excited that we were making use of the Common and entertaining people at the same time, so I wasn’t too nervous about it.

The officer had checked with the captain and there is no ordinance saying you cannot practice on the Common, we weren’t being projected with speakers – and he actually found it rather nice, so he set off again and said to have fun, which we did.   But not without getting my name and info, so I expect it will show up in the police logs this week.  Watch salem.patch.com!

Any press is good press right?

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