Just in time for Christmas….Arbella Christmas Brass

Just in time for Christmas….Arbella Christmas Brass

The what?

The Arbella Christmas Brass ensemble is a smaller subsection of the hornline who will meet after practices for additional rehearsal and be the “winter marketing arm” of our Corps.  We are looking for a few horn players who would be willing to perform at community events, meetings, corporate events, etc. and help spread the word about our Corps in the off season.

The events will be mostly in the North Shore: Salem, Danvers, Beverly and include Chamber events, Christmas Carolling, tree lightings and other such events.  The events will be added to the calendar as soon as they are confirmed and will be concentrated between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so it’s a short but very fun window!

We are also looking to offer the ensemble to corporations who might want us to perform for company parties.  This will present us an invaluable revenue stream for much-needed equipment and essentials!

Please let me know at next rehearsal if you are interested in participating!  It’s going to be ALOT of fun!


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