It’s Official – Arbella has relaunched!

It’s Official – Arbella has relaunched!

An Open House Wrap-Up by George D’Iorio

At our Open House on January 27th at the Old Salem Town Hall we reminisced, shared the vision for the re-incarnation of Arbella, rubbed elbows with the Mayor, and celebrated the ‘re-launch’.

To everyone who was able to attend, we want to thank you for making it a fun and successful night. Our volunteers did a great job pulling this together.  That is a sign of unity that bodes well for the future.

The event:  Board President Lauren Poussard kicked off the night by introducing the board and welcoming the mayor.  Salem Mayor Kimberly Driscoll expressed her interest in our endeavor and she pledged her support.  The board has plans to meet with her to discuss how her office can help us.

Board member and brass arranger George D’Iorio delivered opening remarks, reflecting on the success of the original corps and the ‘miracle of the uniforms’ that was a part of Arbella’s success. He outlined the vision for the re-launched corps and put out a ‘call to action’ for volunteer and members.

During the Open House, there were audio/visual exhibits; a prototype uniform was on display, along with instruments and memorabilia.  We sold Arbella polo shirts and hats (sold out!) and a CD with a recording of the 1979 DCI performance was given to donors. Board Vice-President Joel Dube performed a color guard demonstration to the music of ‘Russian Sailor’s Dance’, a selection that Arbella played back in 1979 and (a revised version) is planned for the 2012 repertoire.   People at the event included Arbella alumni, friends, members of other drum corps, and new recruits.   Everyone raised a glass of grog to officially toast the re-birth of Arbella.  There was a large spread of food ranging from delicious chowder to a tempting array of desserts. (Thanks to all who provided food!) Suggestions for repertoire were discussed as well as uniform and equipment ideas.  Many of these elements are still in the formative stage, but the board hopes to make some decisions within the next month.  Plans for a meeting of members, volunteers, and interested parties are being developed with an eye on a late February date.   The injection of cash we received during the night will allow us to complete our filing for non-profit status, which is a key step in our fundraising and organizational planning efforts.

For those who were unable to attend here are some of the questions and answers that came out during the Open House:

What are the qualifications for membership?  The board sees the 2012 version of the corps as a coed group of experienced adult musicians and performers, although younger qualified members will be welcomed.  There are two levels of membership (this is an excerpt from the membership section of our website):

PERFORMING MEMBERSHIP – is open to those who are performance ready and who can commit to performing.  The fees include uniforms.  Instruments are being sourced at present.  Upper voices will be expected to bring their existing equipment, as sourcing priority is being given to the harder-to-obtain lower voice marching horns and percussion.  If you pay 100% up front there is a $25.00 discount off the membership price.  If you want to finance membership, you may do so over two payments, once upon application and the balance by May 15, 2012.  $225 over two payments or $200 in one installment.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP – grants the member all the privileges of a marching member, but does not include a uniform as this member is unable to march/perform due to physical limitation or as yet is not performance ready.  Associate members may come to all rehearsals and participate in every way, and would be relied upon to perform some support for performances, rehearsals, etc.  For example, distributing water during a parade, handing out fliers at a performance.  Associate Members get a special Crew shirt that is expected to be worn whenever we are together as a group in public.  $125

Questions about joining?  Click here for Frequently Asked Questions!

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