Gift Certificate Donation Solicitation Letter 2014 - Arbella Corps Inc
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Gift Certificate Donation Solicitation Letter 2014

Many businesses are asking for a letter of some kind in order to help with our summer fundraiser, the WINNER TAKES ALL raffle.

Please print a few copies of this letter and give to the manager of the businesses you are soliciting. If they have any questions please feel free to give out my mobile number 978-771-1965.

Thanks guys!

Lauren Poussard

Lauren marched in the original all-girl Arbella from winter 1979 to summer 1983 as a soprano, under the direction of some legendary brass instructors: Joe Nuccio, Marc Keroack, Dan Lutz. She continued to play in Salem High School's marching, concert, jazz bands and orchestras, as well as play in Salem State's community concert band, NorthEast JR & SR District Bands, the Lion's All State Band, studying with Don Poole and Jeff Thomsen, before heading off to UMass Amherst and marching with the Minutemen Marching Band under George Parks. In college she studied with drum corps Legend Tom Lizotte, Bill Love, and went on to "play the Hatch Shell" in the Harvard Summer and Middlesex Concert Bands. She continues to play in Arbella Alumni and is a founding board member of the newly relaunched Arbella.

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  • Lauren
    Posted at 19:10h, 30 July

    For some reason printed as two pages, just set this to print the first page. I didn’t notice it hadn’t done it until after I posted it.