Contact Arbella

Arbella Corps Inc.

HQ and mailing address:
10 Garden Street
Danvers, MA 0123

Color Guard: Joel Dube – 603.969.5743
Drum Corps: Lauren Poussard – 978.771.1965


Arbella 40 Committee:

Lauren Poussard, Joel Dube, Susan LeFrancois Puleo, Phil Dennesen, George D’Iorio, please email us if you want to be involved!  We’d love to have you!


Practice Locations:

Arbella Independent: St Johns’s Prep, Danvers
Arbella Soundsport: Arbella “HQ”, Danvers.
Arbella Tribute Corps:TBA


2018 Board of Directors

President – Lauren Poussard
Vice President – Jose Luciano
Treasurer – Sue Prideaux
Secretary – Kimberly McCoy

At Large:
Doug Gonya, Collin Butler, Jennifer Ly, Rachael Proia


BOD serves from September-August.  Get in touch if you would like to serve on the board!