Can’t read music? Don’t worry….

Can’t read music? Don’t worry….

When we were looking through our old music from the 70s and 80s we noticed that alot of music had notes and fingerings on it, it struck me how many early corps peeps didn’t actually know how to read music.  When I listen to the music I am blown away by the sound, quality and technicality that was achieved by a bunch of young kids who didn’t know an A from a C.  I was one of the few ‘lucky’ ones, I learned to read music from the age of 7, but many kids had joined corps in the 60s, 70s, 80s because it was ‘something to do’, or an older sibling marched, or a great way to pick up girls/guys in your cool uniform (I am just guessing, lol).

It is very possible that you haven’t picked up a horn since you last marched and that you probably still can’t read music.  Have no fear.  We will accomodate all experience levels and have breakout sessions if necessary.  Meanwhile, there’s nothing you can’t learn on the internet if you feel like browsing.  Here’s some quick links.

  • Here’s an article on Key Signatures.
  • Here’s a series of music tutorials on YouTube that covers everything from cleffs to key and time signatures…
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  • Richard Michaud
    Posted at 05:21h, 08 May Reply

    Hey ! Great to a north shore corps coming back. I was in the stands during Arbella performances in the 70’s. I am a horn player without reading music, I can appreciate the tutorials.

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