Brass Notes II from George D’Iorio

Arbella 40th Anniversary Tribute Corps

Brass Notes II from George D’Iorio

To Tribute Corps Players:

This is a second update for the brass section of the Arbella/Salem Drum Corps Tribute Corps. It is intended to summarize progress to date and provide information on next steps.

We want to thank you for your continuing efforts on this project. The last two rehearsals at the Prince Post in Melrose were very productive. We completed learning ‘Yesterday’, made it through half of ‘La Fiesta/Celebration Suite’, and also made progress cleaning up parts of ‘Jubilo’. As you know from the email Phil sent out on February 23rd, our next 4 rehearsals will be in Woburn at The Crestview Plaza 36 Montvale Ave. This is a venue where we can continue to break into sections. This is a positive development. Thanks Phil!

A quick review of the repertoire and status:

‘Fire on the Water’: This short selection from ‘Victory at Sea’, written by Richard Rodgers and Robert Bennett, was Arbella’s color presentation in 1977. We still have some work to do on expression on this piece. At our next rehearsal we plan to assign the quintet introduction parts.

‘Evergreen’: The love ballad from the 1976 movie ‘A Star is Born’, written by Paul Williams, was Arbella’s signature piece and was played in 1977, 1978, 1979, and again in 1981. The version we are playing is from 1979. Although this piece was taught back at our 2nd rehearsal, we have not worked on it recently. There is significant work needed on expression and cleaning. The mellophone solo has not yet been assigned.

‘Jubilo’ – Adapted from the second half of W. F. MacBeth’s Concert Band piece titled ‘Chant and Jubilo’, Arbella played this as their ‘off the line’ in 1977 and 1978. Over the last two rehearsals the performance of this piece has improved significantly.

‘Yesterday’: Played by the Rockettes in the late 60’s/ early 70’s, this arrangement by Joe Nuccio was written specifically for this Tribute Event. It features ‘all female’ segments to honor Salem drum corps’ rich ‘All Girl’ history. This was taught at the January rehearsal and is already being performed fairly well. With a little more work on expression this will be ready for prime time.

‘La Fiesta/Celebration Suite’: This piece, a combination of two Chick Corea tunes, was first played by Arbella as their concert in 1979. We taught the first half of this at February’s rehearsal and will complete teaching it on March 9th. There are some difficult passages that will need work with the full ensemble to replicate the performance level achieved ‘back in the day’.

Next Steps: There are 3 other musical selections we are considering. Which ones of these we teach will depend on the progress we make at the next two rehearsals. We will also be tuning the instruments at one or more of the upcoming rehearsals.

Anyone who is missing sheet music or sound files should contact Phil Dennesen. Also, if you have any questions or concerns, please reply to this email and someone will reach out to you. Once again, thank you for your participation in this project!

See you next Saturday March 9th 1-4pm in Woburn,

George D’Iorio, Joe Nuccio, and Michael D’Iorio, Brass Instructors.

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