Brass Notes #4 by George Diorio

Brass Notes #4 by George Diorio

This is the fourth version of Brass Notes, an update for the brass section of the Arbella/Salem Drum Corps Tribute Corps. It is intended to summarize progress to date and provide info on next steps.

We want to thank you for your efforts on this project, especially those of you who have been able to attend most of the rehearsals. Our April rehearsal in Woburn was the best to date. We worked on cleaning the biggest problem areas in the repertoire and made some big improvements. There is still more work needed to increase accuracy, make dynamics more uniform, and play at the correct tempos. Some parts of the repertoire are moving closer to ‘audience ready’.

With only one full rehearsal (May 4th) remaining, we really, REALLY need good attendance. We cannot rely on the dress rehearsal (May 17th) to resolve performance issues. Therefore, we are hoping people will practice all of their parts prior to attending the May 4th rehearsal. That way we can focus on full ensemble work. In addition, the second half of that rehearsal will be like a dress rehearsal, but without the ‘dress’. In other words, we will run through the full repertoire in the order we will play it at the event trying to mimic the timing and staging of the actual event.

Here is the proposed order we will play the repertoire:

  • ‘The Navy Hymn’
  • ‘Fire on the Water’
  • ‘Yesterday’
  • ‘La Fiesta/Celebration Suite’
  • ‘Jubilo’
  • ‘Evergreen’

At the May 4th rehearsal we would like to finalize seating arrangements and simulate everything as it will occur at the event. This includes setting up chairs and music stands and simulating our entrance into the venue. For ‘Yesterday’ we will be having the female players set up behind the larger group like how they will be situated on the stage at the Vittori-Rocci. Practicing the transitions will help prevent awkwardness on the night of the event.

What we need all brass players to do:

  1. Please review all of your music prior to the May 4th rehearsal
  2. Listen to the audio files if you need a refresher on rhythms, etc.
  3. If you are missing any music or need a ‘clean copy’ of anything let us know BEFORE 5/4.
  4. Please be on time for the May 4th rehearsal. This is the last time we will all be together prior to performance weekend and our time together is precious.
  5. If any section is interested in having a special sectional rehearsal we can arrange that. For example, if we can get all (or most) of the low brass (baritones and contras), or mellophones, or sopranos together on a certain date we will arrange a location and have instructors there to really hone performance levels.

We have a chance to make May 18th a truly impressive night. Let’s go all out to deliver the very best performance possible. Together, we can do this!

See you on Saturday! 🙂

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