Arbella All Girl Alumni Commemorative Tshirt

Alumni, get your commemorative Arbella Shirt to wear to the Reunion!



We’ve designed this super cool tshirt for Alumni and Family to wear to the Reunion.  The front is based on a scan of the patch we had on our corps jackets and the back is totally customizable!   They are baseball-style raglan 3/4-length arm tshirts in white and navy blue.


We are taking orders early due to the customizations and we will deliver them at the event.


They are going to be processed as one giant order – all at the same time – to be ready for the event.  Doing them as one giant order allows us to keep the cost down to $25!


The cut-off to order the shirts is March 1, 2019 to give the shirt company enough time to customize the backs.


These are going to be SO FUN to wear on the night!  Be sure to order yours by the deadline so you’ll have it!


Some ideas for the backs – your name, your instrument, your nickname – whatever you want!

  • MRS “D”, 79
  • DCI CHAMPS, 79
  • GEORGE, 79
  • SOPRANO, 79
  • DRUM MAJOR, 79
  • POOH BEAR, 79
  • HORNLINE, 79
  • SOPRANO, ’80
  • you get the idea?  Just remember to keep it short and sweet.  The more letters there are, the smaller the font will be.


You can order multiple shirts, in different sizes, each with its own customization, you just need to shopping-cart each one, one-at-a-time and don’t forget the customization each time!  (After you shopping cart the first shirt, you are brought to the paypal shopping cart, if you want to order more shirts, you need to click “Continue Shopping” in the upper right corner, which will bring you back to this page for you to make your next selection and customization.)


Remember, these are being delivered AT THE EVENT when you check in.  They are not going to be shipped unless you are not planning on going to the event, in which case, email Lauren at  We will calculate shipping at that time.


Shirt Size
Customization for back of shirt


You may also drop us an email (to or note with your order and a check made out to ARBELLA CORPS, mailed to 44 Maple Street, Suite 1, Danvers, MA 01923.