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Arbella 40

2019 marks the 40th Anniversary of Arbella’s DCI ALL-GIRL CHAMPIONSHIP

Denise Berube Pantanella with the 1979 All-Girl Champion Trophy

Denise Berube Pantanella with the 1979 All-Girl Champion Trophy

Title in Birmingham Alabama!

To commemorate this amazing achievement, and to celebrate the golden years of drum corps – especially the ALL GIRL ERA! – Arbella is forming a Reunion Committee and a “40th Anniversary Tribute Corp”s to put together a big celebration and we hope you will join us!  Cardinal Alumni Phil Dennesen is lending a hand, following the resounding success of the Cardinal’s 70th reunion event of this past May. Brass Caption Head 75-79 GEORGE D’IORIO will be dusting off the original charts played by Arbella and leading rehearsals with the help of yet another Arbella alumni instructor JOE NUCCIO!  JOEL DUBE will be leading a color guard and we are hoping to also put together percussion division as well.  STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES!



Arbella Alumna SUE LEFRANCOIS PULEO will be heading up the Reunion Committee and is looking for Alumni to help coordinate the fun and reach out to other alumni who may not be on social media.


If you would like to be part of the Reunion Committee, Event Committee, play in the Tribute Corps or simply attend the event, please sign up below to be included in the newsletter!


If you are interested in PERFORMING in the Tribute Corps, simply fill in the form below and join the Tribute Corps Group on facebook!


While you’re here, explore our history with the menu to the right and read as George D’Iorio walks us through the years leading up to the 1979 Championship!  The articles are sure to bring a smile to your face as you take a walk back in time to, what we’ve all described on many occasions,  the time of our lives!


We have many amazing surprises in store for you, and more are forming as we speak!  We do hope you will gather your families and friends and join us for what is sure to be an amazing tribute to a very special era of drum and bugle corps!!!


Get in on the fun – sign up today!

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Arbella Drum & Bugle Corps is commemorating the 40th anniversary of our 1979 DCI All-girl title in 2019! Please join us in celebrating this occasion …