Arbella Tribute Corps has it’s first rehearsal!

Arbella Tribute Corps has it’s first rehearsal!

Last night, the Arbella Tribute Corps had it’s first rehearsal at the American Legion Post in Revere, a familiar home to drum corps alumni in the Boston Area.

The Tribute Corps is being spearheaded by Cardinal Alumni and Boston Crusader Senior, Phil Dennesen, after the success of the Cardinal’s 70th Anniversary Celebration and Tribute Corps this past May.  As Arbella is celebrating the 40th anniversary of their 1979 DCI All-Girl Championship win in 2019, the timing was perfect to try to do the same for this occasion.

Around 36 horn players representing many drum corps from the Boston area, including Arbella Alumni, came to play.  Under the direction of Joe Nuccio and George D’Iorio, both Cardinal Alumni and Alumni instructors for Arbella, the Tribute Corps ran through the first two musical selections from Arbella’s repertoire from 1977-79.

Many Arbella Alumni came to the rehearsal to check it out and got fired up to join in the fun!

Jacqueline Bouchard DeFransesco, Eileen Gauthier Crowley Gail Jalbert, Maureen Sirois Martin, Lisa Fortin Morrissey, and Ellen VanLoon

A 50/50 Raffle was run to help pay for the hall, and Alumni Eileen Gauthier Crowley won $100!

Believe it or not, despite not having played since your youth – you CAN play now.  We see it all the time!  So we encourage you to give it a try – you are not going to want to be a part of the concert at the reunion!

If you are interested in playing in the Tribute Corps we do have a few spare instruments, but are really low.  There is a page on facebook dedicated to bugles, so if you’re in a position to do so, you can purchase your own instrument – if you don’t want it after the event we are sure we can sell it on to somebody else afterwards –

Next up on the Arbella Alumni Road to the 40th is our DRUM CORPS TRIVIA NIGHT on Saturday October 27 at the Herman Spear Post in Beverly.

For schedule of upcoming events and rehearsals, and to buy tickets to Trivia Night and the Celebration in May, follow our special ARBELLA40 section on this website!

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Be a part of it!

For schedule and tickets for Arbella Alumni events click here! You do NOT want to miss out on the fun!

Click here for tickets and schedule!
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