Arbella Independent takes 3rd place in first WGI Regionals – February 2017

Arbella Independent takes 3rd in WGI Regionals

Arbella Independent takes 3rd place in first WGI Regionals – February 2017

Less than half of our members had ever competed in a WGI Regional so this was a long and eye-opening day for the rest of our members!  We started our day assembling at 5:45 for a 6am practice at Essex Tech, and didn’t get home until around 11:30pm – probably even later for some of our members who live an hour away.

Everybody arrived for practice with an awesome attitude, ready to go and seize the day!  We had a productive practice, then got ready at our “hall” and prepared for our 11:28 prelims performance. In our class, Independent Regional A, were St Annes Neponset and Maine Attraction, two very established guards.  We took 3rd in prelims with less than 1 pt separating us from 2nd place – but we took a 1 point penalty for not getting the floor off fast enough!  Having come in second in two captions,  and with such a tight placement, we were optimistic that we could come ahead in finals to second.

Although our practice paid off and we did better at finals, Maine Attraction was able to break away with a 4 point lead in the end, so our finals placement was still third.

Inspired by other great guards from the region and armed with feedback from the judges, we look forward to next practice to prepare for our next competition!

Thank you to all of our terrific Arbella Families for being there at the competition to support the kids, to Maryjane, Sue and Kimberly for being at the high school all bleeping day (12 hours!) to help with equipment, bandaids, hearding the kids from place to place and of course to our great staff who work with us, certainly not for the great pay, but for the simple love of guard and the activity.  Helping kids learn to challenge themselves, set higher standards, achieve goals originally thought unimaginable are wonderful side-effects of the activity for the kids certainly, but a pleasure to help nurture for the staff.

Thank you all for your support!

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