Arbella Independent and Colts DBC March in Beverly Farms Horribles Parade and Beanpot Invitational July 4th

Arbella Independent and Colts Drum and Bugle Corps Color Guards

Arbella Independent and Colts DBC March in Beverly Farms Horribles Parade and Beanpot Invitational July 4th

Phew! What a day the 4th was!!

It started with a parade in the morning.  The WEE EARLY morning, with an 8am start!

The Beverly Farms Horribles Parade is famous nationwide for it’s rather controversial floats, but this year it was made famous by the appearance of the Arbella Independent!

Arbella Independent at Beverly Farms Horribles Parade 2018

OK, I could be exaggerating a wee bit.

Also performing in the parade were the Colts Drum and Bugle Corps from IA.  We were especially delighted to meet their color guard and show them our silks because we purchased them from the Colts after their 2009 Fathoms show!  Joel and Lauren had seen the Colt’s 2009 show in Lawrence at the East Coast Classic and were instantly drawn to their nautical theme.  When Arbella formed in 2011, they new exactly where they were going to get their uniforms and silks, so it was really cool to actually see the Colts in Beverly and show them.  There were many drum corps in town for the Beanpot Invitational that night in Lynn, so it was serendipity that the Colts got the Beverly Farms parade.

The Beanpot Invitational is sponsored by one of the best drum corps Alumni Associations in the country, The Cardinals Alumni.  Back in it’s heyday, Arbella was actually the product of a hardworking and talented staff, most of who marched in the Cardinals Drum and Bugle Corps.  Now, the Cardinals Alumni is one of our largest sponsors, and we couldn’t be happier to be in cahoots with them again and help them with the show that evening.

Arbella Independent members and parents “worked” the show, acting as ushers throughout the evening.  We also manned an informational booth underneath the stadium, which served as an Arbella Alumni meeting station, where we bumped into past Arbella instructors and members:

Arbella Alumni meet at Beanport Invitational 2017

Arbella Alumni! l-r Allen Bourgeois, Brass Caption 2012-2014, Doug Gonya, contra 1982 & 83, Joel Duble 1982, 83, 2011-present, Jose Luciano, trumpet 2012-2014, Lauren Poussard 1979 to 1983, 2011 to present

I’m sorry I forgot to grab a photo of Arbella Alumna ALISON BERG.  All in all, it was a perfect day for color guard and drum corps.  I only wish there were more drum corps events in the north east in the summer – it’s going to be a looong wait for next year!

At least there’s Allentown in August.  🙂

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