Arbella to enter DCI SOUNDSPORT arena in 2018 - Arbella Corps Inc
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Arbella to enter DCI SOUNDSPORT arena in 2018

Arbella Corps announces its membership to DCI SoundSport

Arbella to enter DCI SOUNDSPORT arena in 2018

Arbella Corps is excited to announce Arbella SoundSport, a performing arts ensemble for the 2018 season.

SoundSport is a league of Drum Corps International (DCI) that takes the excitement and challenge of the drum corps activity and places it into a smaller performance footprint, has fewer restrictions, and simplified adjudication.

SoundSport teams can focus on skills and performance development in a fan-friendly environment, giving the member an excellent experience and learning environment. The time and financial commitments are much lower and it is a perfect way to relive drum corps for the alumni, get a taste of the drum corps experience for newbies, or better prepare yourself for the fall marching band season.

Arbella Soundsport will focus on skills and performance development for members ages 15 and older, and will develop a 7-minute show that will be produced in a time-efficient rehearsal process. Depending on interest, this year’s team will be focused on brass with supplemental percussionsists.

All skill levels will be considered. Members may need to provide their own instruments depending on demand. We do have some percussion, mellophones, baris and contras available.  Yes, TROMBONES are welcome!

We do have a few requirements:

  • You must be willing to practice on your own as rehearsals will be light.
  • You must commit to performing at DCI East in Allentown (the first weekend of August).
  • You must be committed to AWESOME.  Positive attitudes need only reply!

There will be a small financial component.  We will come up with some fundraising and sponsorship opportunities to offset costs as much as possible.

We hope you will join us!  Sign up below to be added to our email list for updates.


Lauren Poussard

Lauren marched in the original all-girl Arbella from winter 1979 to summer 1983 as a soprano, under the direction of some legendary brass instructors: Joe Nuccio, Marc Keroack, Dan Lutz. She continued to play in Salem High School's marching, concert, jazz bands and orchestras, as well as play in Salem State's community concert band, NorthEast JR & SR District Bands, the Lion's All State Band, studying with Don Poole and Jeff Thomsen, before heading off to UMass Amherst and marching with the Minutemen Marching Band under George Parks. In college she studied with drum corps Legend Tom Lizotte, Bill Love, and went on to "play the Hatch Shell" in the Harvard Summer and Middlesex Concert Bands. She continues to play in Arbella Alumni and is a founding board member of the newly relaunched Arbella.

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