Arbella Corps Inc is proud to introduce ARBELLA INDEPENDENT Winter Guard

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Arbella Corps Inc is proud to introduce ARBELLA INDEPENDENT Winter Guard

At long last, we are so pleased to be able to announce that we are fielding an independent winter guard for the 2017 season!

We will be hosting a series of open gyms/spin camps throughout the summer to bring people together, try us on for size, and of course, just enjoy SPINNING!  All experience levels are welcome, and you are certainly welcome to bring friends who might be interested in joining but are undecided.

Arbella Independent will be based in the Danvers area, and we are in negotiations with Essex Tech on route 62 in Danvers (Hathorne) for a regular rehearsal venue, so in the meanwhile, please be sure to pay attention to the venue in the event settings on facebook and on this site.  We will be making use of other local spaces, like the Danvers YMCA or local schools until that is solidified.

There will be a membership fee to participate and of course, we will launch fundraising initiatives for members to offset their dues.  Arbella Corps Inc, the “mother company” for Arbella Drum and Bugle Corps and Arbella Independent, is a registered 501(c)3 organization, so members are encouraged to reach out to businesses or employers to solicit donations.  Every bit helps!  We want to keep the costs low so that everyone can participate.

Arbella is officially a member of NESBA and WGI! We plan on competing in 5 local shows in the 2017 season, with 2 rehearsals every week.  Those dates will be confirmed when our location is solidified.

Please follow us on facebook and watch out for our Open Gym days!  Bring water, gloves, any gear you have, dress comfortably and let’s get ready to spin!!

See you at our next OPEN GYM!

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