Arbella Brass – A Covid Update

musician in quarantine

Arbella Brass – A Covid Update

Hey everyone,

I sure hope everyone is fairing well during this historic and crazy time. Most importantly, I hope you are remaining HEALTHY and staying home. I’m thrilled to report that Donnie has recovered and is already submerging himself in Sibelius once again. I tested positive but was blissfully unaware and asymptomatic. I haven’t heard of any other cases amongst our drum corps community and sure hope it stays that way!

I’m sure EVERYONE has been practicing during this crazy time (ha ha ha, I know… I know). Donnie sent me the “penultimate” version of Hymn of Axciom a few weeks ago but Sibelius has been giving me grief and I was unable to extract the parts. Annoyed, I figured I’d wait until I received the ULTIMATE version before I posted.

I’m sure you’re chomping at the bit waiting for our next rehearsal! I know I am. As soon as DCAT opens its doors to us, we will resume rehearsing once again. We’re a small enough group if they limit groups to 10ish people, we should be OK. Also, once they introduce the antibody tests, I would encourage everyone to get it done, that way you know if you’ve been exposed or not.  While it’s no guarantee you wouldn’t get Covid again, the chances are slim, and you would at least have the knowledge you would have some protection against any future infection (if it was the same strain of course).

Sadly, with the cancelation of drum corps season this year, we won’t be performing with Spartans and North Star – but as soon as restrictions are lifted, I am SURE I can organize something outside the drum corps arena. We just have to wait and see what happens for the time being.

So, hang tight, keep practicing and BE WELL!



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