Arbella 40th Anniversary Celebration Committee has first official meeting

Arbella 40th Anniversary Celebration Committee has first official meeting

The first official meeting of the “Arbella40” Committee was held Thursday July 12th at Arbella “HQ” in Danvers.  Arbella Alumni Joel, Lauren, Sue LeFrancois, Brass Instructor George D’Iorio and Cardinals Alumnus Phil Dennesen got together to review the successes of the Cardinal’s 70th Celebration and how they could be implemented to create another “spectacular” for Arbella Alumni, and the alumni community at large, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Arbella’s big DCI All-Girl Championship win in 1979.

Only in the early stages, alot of phenomenal ideas came out of this meeting and all were in agreement – this is going to be an event NOT to be missed!

Without revealing all of the surprises, here are a couple of outcomes of this meeting:

  • We came up with a date:  MAY 18, 2019.  Next, we find a suitable venue, we will announce when known, but at least people can start planning.
  • A Tribute Corps will perform the music of Arbella All-girl.  George D’iorio and Joe Nuccio will be leading the hornline!!
  • Phil has already garnered interest from over 30 horn players to perform – MANY Arbella, Rockets and Comets have already signed up!
  • Rehearsals will follow same format as Cardinals – once a month at Prince Post VFW in Melrose.  Additional sectionals can be added electively in Danvers for those looking for more help.  Schedule will be announced once instructors get together to coordinate their calendars.
  • Commemorative program with stories and tributes.
  • There will be a VERY (repeat – VERY) special tribute to the girls you WILL NOT WANT TO MISS!
  • Sue is going to head up Arbella Alumni Outreach.


This will be an opportunity to bring the music of that era, and that amazing win, to life once again!  Alumni, did you EVER think you’d hear that music LIVE again???  Well now’s your chance! We encourage all alumni to participate even if you haven’t played since then.  George, Joe, Lauren will run extra sectionals throughout the year to help get people’s chops back – you will be so surprised with what you’ve retained!  If you don’t want to play, please, share your ideas, help Sue connect with other Alumni and be sure to attend this once-in-a-lifetime event!


We would love to have your help to make this event as amazing as possible.

How can you help?  Here’s some ideas:

  • Serve on the Alumni Committee
  • Fill in this form so we know how to contact you, also share an Arbella memory here to be included in the celebration
  • Help Sue get in touch with Alumni who may not be on social media that you may have phone numbers or addresses for by contact us either on facebook or the contact page here.
  • Have an awesome idea?  We want to hear it!  We want to be as inclusive as possible – your input is going to make this celebration even BETTER!
  • Have any photos you’d like to share?  We’d love to scan them and include them in our slideshow on the night.


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