Lauren Poussard, President & all the other stuff


Lauren is an Arbella Alumna, having marched as a soprano from the winter of1979 to summer of 1983 when Arbella folded.  Those four years of drum corps training, under the brass instruction of such legends as the brothers Nuccio, the brothers Lutz, and Marc Keroack, set her up nicely for the transition to trumpet at Salem High School and a lifelong love of playing.

Whilst at Salem HS (and for some reason, not moving on to an open class corps), Lauren started trumpet lessons under Jeff Thomsen and later Donald Poole and Bill Love.  She participated in all of the school’s musical groups, marching, concert, orchestra jazz and pit bands, but by night also played with the Salem State concert and Jazz Bands, Middlesex Concert Bands, the Harvard Concert Band, Salem Phil, Symphony by the Sea, North Shore Phil – wherever she could possibly play, she did.  She had auditioned and made all the Jr and Sr District bands or orchestras, and represented the Massachusetts Lions in their all-state band at international convention in New Orleans, getting to perform at the world-famous Preservation Hall, The Super Dome, and down Bourbon St.  She  has played countless weddings and events throughout high school, college and beyond.

In college she marched in the UMass Minuteman Marching band, which was the closest thing you could come to drum corps at the time, being under the leadership of the famous George Parks and Thom Hannum (Cadets).  Not a music major, and the only non-major in the trumpet class, she wasn’t allowed to study under the illustrious Walter Chestnut, instead she totally scored, getting “the grad guy”, soon-to-be drum corps legend Tom Lizotte ( 27th Lancers and current caption head for the Colts), which suited her down to the ground (those lessons were 80% drum corps gabbing and 20% Bousquet/Arbans.  RESULT!!!!).

Even after college, she continued to play in all of those groups, and represented Salem State (even though never a student there) in the All New-England Collegiate band, under the direction of illustrious trumpetist Roger Voisin.  After a 12 year stint in Europe, where her beautiful collection of Bach trumpets were stolen from their international shipping boxes, Lauren took a break to get braces as a 37-year old, and is still working to get that emboucher back on a borrowed Yamaha (not quite a Bach, but glad to have it).

Like many who marched, drum corps is in her blood, and it was at the Arbella 30th year reunion in July 2011 (which she organized with other alumni)  that she confided she had always wanted to see Arbella come back.  Fortunately she was not alone, and within a month the founding board of directors was created.

Careers in IT, finance and photography have provided her with the useful skills to get many of the infrastructure elements of Arbella online, such as the website, social media, logo/product/graphics design and marketing materials, bookkeeping, etc.

When not working, working on Arbella, making Caramels de Bouchard, teaching the Danvers HS Marching Band drill, or being a mum to three awesome kids, Lauren has been known to take a few pictures, hang out at the beach, kayak, and most recently has taken up the ukelele.

Lauren, Butler PA 1980