4th of July Events with Arbella Independent

4th of July Events with Arbella Independent

Our official season is over, but it’s never really over for color guard.  In fact, for those who love drum corps too, it’s only just ramping up!

4th of July Parade, Beverly Farms

You’ve seen on the facebook page and newsletter that we have a parade on the 4th of July in Beverly Farms.  This is a paying gig for us, and your participate is crucial if you happen to be around on the 4th of July.  We REALLY appreciate how this does encroach on family time, but the parade is early enough so you can get back to your family fun for the afternoon.  We’ve posted this on facebook, but sometimes it’s hard to tell if a LIKE is an actual sign-up, so, please use the electronic sign-up sheet to confirm your attendance.

If you have friends in or out of color guard who would like to carry our banner or the American flag PLEASE INVITE THEM TO PARTICIPATE!!

PARENTS!  We could use a few of you along the parade route to hand out water as we go.


This is one of the only local DCI shows in the Boston area all summer, and the only opportunity to catch some of the World Class corps!  This show is hosted by the Cardinals Alumni Association, one of our biggest sponsors.  They need helpers to assist with ushering people in the stands, and the North Star Alumni corps will also contribute $500 to Arbella if we can help them sell 50/50 Raffles.  Let’s help them out and also help Arbella earn some extra cash – parents are welcome to come too and even friends – ADMITTANCE TO SHOW WILL BE FREE FOR ALL WHO HELP OUT!!

Please sign up below and be sure to include everyone who can help, parents too!!


[sign_up_sheet july4]

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